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The Cold Blade of Fear

"OH. I did not expect that to feel like a gut punch but it did."

 - A Beta Reader

"You have my heart strings and you keep tugging on them and it's making me feel a lot of things. Particularly where it comes to Piper and Alec. I love them together here. I love everything about this."

 - A Beta Reader


“She’ll get what’s
coming to her.”

With her friend gone and the man who killed her on the run, Piper is prepared to fight for custody of both Caleb and Madelyn. But then they are taking from her, and Piper is accused of a murder she didn't commit.

Forced into hiding, Piper soon discovers that someone she swore to find is in the neighbouring country of Elaros. The only way to find them is to sneak out of Silvaein - under the army's very noses.

Alone and without allies, Piper must navigate a foreign culture without revealing she is a woman - until she uncovers a clue that could lead to her acquittal.

Will she be successful?

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